Terms of use

Accept the terms of the subscription Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they define the terms of use that you are subject to when you use our site either as a visitor, as a registered user or from the app Do not give the PIN to anyone, even management Do not offend others even if they offend you, but only expel him without responding Do not brag about visitors being kicked out or the powers given to you as an observer, even as a joke Do not open any visitor messages within the chat Do not open any program to view movies on the camera software Do not request visitor numbers Not to advertise, promote or put links to other chats or invite visitors to any other site outside Matak Never ask or suit anyone to enter your camera in public conversations Do not unmute anyone subject to observer control based on prior knowledge Do not open the camera elsewhere When you open the camera may not be placed on anything other than your face and be a good view Not requesting an upgrade from a supervisor to an addict or the like or requesting control from the administration of someone you may already know Never write down your hotspots, personal accounts, emails, etc. in your public or private conversations Not to quarrel between you and any person, addict or colleague should begin to inform the administration only It is prohibited to ban a supervisor in case you are addicted or strictly forbidden to submit a complaint to the administration What you should do He must adhere to morality and ethics when dialogue with visitors .. And not underestimated or recklessness Non-expulsion at the request of a visitor What were the reasons .. Only after maintaining the error yourself .. It has been proven to the Department the right to stop your membership without reference to you In the event of any disagreement between the observers .. In case of exposure to errors by another observer must inform the Department with the provision of illustrative pictures of the problem Observers should not enter two names at the same time Do not discuss any other observer is expelling a visitor .. In case you object to this expulsion .. Please tell the administration and not to act on your own Be careful of financial accounts and transfers I know that the visitors' complaints will not be neglected. In case of a complaint, an observer of what will be discussed and discussed by the administration regarding this complaint. . If the complaint is proven, it will be charged to the chat management Observers do not gather in a room and leave the rest of the rooms without observers .. Here you must know that the eligibility of the observer who was appointed in that room Subscription for personal use only .. In case of proven entry of others with the same subscription .. The administration has the right to stop your subscription immediately .. without reference to you