Terms & Conditions

All users must comply to Teen Chat rules, terms and conditions at all times.

Anyone using this website must be aged Under 13 – 18 Teen agers.

Avoid sharing your personal details no matter how much you think you can trust other user. You are using Teen Chat on your own responsibility. Admins, Moderators and the site Owners will not be responsible for any consequences resulting from use of this website.

Teen Chat actively promotes a clean, friendly environment & reserves the right to deny access to chat.

Be pleasant and polite don’t use offensive language. Don’t post any offensive or sexual messages of any kind. Insults, extreme profanity, abuse or any similar conduct are forbidden.

Spamming & Flooding is not tolerated. Please don’t post same message over and over again.

Do not post Phone numbers, URLs, Email addresses or Skype / Yahoo details.

Breaking any rules will result in immediate BAN so please follow the rules.

For complaints use Contact Us page

We cannot accept any liability or responsibility for the behavior of individuals or groups on our system.

By entering the TeenChatZone chat rooms you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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