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  • Hello Teens welcome to Teenchatzone chat room, today we will guide you all about your safety.
  • Please read this very carefully and try to understand all the tips.
There are to many web chats on google. first thing you need to bring on your mind in to look for a safe chat room. every where pedos are available even in safe chat rooms. first thing you need to find a safe place with strong staff.
we will suggest you to join Our Teen Chat this is safe chat room with strong staff.
Once you are chatting with any one (stranger) you should not trust anyone (stranger).
Do not share your personal photos with any one. Also don’t give your personal information to any one. like (Credit card, Facebook account, or any socials networks Details). lots of Teens are in trouble because they trust people so fast. They share their photos and got blackmail.
so this is article is specially for Teens safety.

TCZ chat room is the safest chat on google.
Thousand of people are searching for Teenchat room where Teens can make friends online. lots of users are trying to win their trust with other users.
When they get success of winning their trust they start collecting their photos and they are doing trading on it so please be careful you are joining any Teen chat room.
My suggestion is Teens should not join any other category chat room because its totally not safe for kids you must follow the rules when you enter a Teen chat room

Be nice to every one in the chat room
don’t use bad words in the chat
if any one using bad words contact admins
if you feel there is no staff available in the room
please take a screenshot keep it safe with you
when you get any admin share the screen shot with admin
further action will be taken by admins or owners

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